How to use Tiansta induction cooker most efficient?

How to use Tiansta induction cooker most efficient?


How to use Tiansta induction cooker most efficient?

Before used, should read product manual carefully, understand the function of the product, use method, maintenance requirements and we provide after-sales service. Generally in use, maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Install special power cables and power sockets. 

Induction cooker must configure power cord and socket according to power, should choose the copper core line that can bear 15A current normally, the socket that form a complete set uses, plug, switch also should achieve this one requirement.

  1. The induction cooker should be placed smoothly. 

If a foot of the induction cooker is suspended, the gravity of the pot will force the oven to tilt and the food in the pot will overflow. If the furnace surface is not placed smoothly, the micro-shock generated by the pot is also easy to slide out and dangerous.

  1. Ensure that the air inlet and outlet are unobstructed.

The induction cooker in the job is provided along with boiler rise in temperature and rise in temperature, because this induction cooker should be placed in air flow place, use outlet should leave wall and other article 250px above, assure furnace body is in enter, vent without any object block.

  1. Choose the right pot and utensils. 

Induction cooker shell and black crystal bearing weight is limited, general civilian induction cooker even pot with food should not exceed 5 kg, and pot with bottom should not be too small, prevent induction cooker furnace face to bear pressure unlikely too concentrated.

  1. Pay attention to waterproof and moistureproof cockroach.

Common induction furnace does not have waterproof function, be affected with damp or enter water, even the excrement of cockroach causes short circuit fault likely, because this is used, when putting, should be far away from moisture and steam, strictly prohibit to wash with water.

  1. Clean stoves properly.

Induction cooker can not use solvent, gasoline to clean the furnace surface or furnace body. Usable soft cloth touches a bit neuter scour to wipe try.

  1. More considerations
  • Do not place knives, forks, bottle caps and other ferromagnetic objects on the furnace

panel,do not watch, recording tapes and other items susceptible to the magnetic field on the furnace, or with the operation of the induction furnace.

  • Do not let the pot empty burning, dry burning, so as to avoid electromagnetic cooker panel

because of high heat and split.

  • The amount in the pot shall not exceed seven minutes to avoid short circuit fault caused by

soup overflow after heating.

  • POTS and pans must be placed in the middle of the induction cooker to avoid uneven

heating, and do not frequently pick up the container POTS and pans and put them down again at high temperature or high power.

  • Prohibited to dry burning empty pot, furnace panel is broken, should stop using, by

professional maintenance personnel to replace the new panel immediately.

  • Best not to place TV, VIDEO recorder in the range of 2-3M commercial induction cooker,

cassette recorder and other household appliances afraid of magnetic, so as not to be affected adverse effects.

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