Cooking through Induction Stove – DANGER (or) HEALTHY?

Why are people using induction stove these days? In this modern culture, People are replacing induction stove instead of a gas stove for cooking. They are using induction stove due to the insufficient and unavailability of gas which might finishes suddenly as we don’t have a simple way to identify the current volume of gas in the cylinder. And some more people are using if for instant cooking which is almost 50% faster than gas cooking. How is it functioning? Induction stove heats the vessels directly, which is made up of ferromagnetic material. A coil (Copper wire) kept under the cooking plate (Ceramic cooking area). Coil produces high-frequency electromagnetic field. When we switch on the induction stove electric current will flow through the coil, which generates an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field sets electron on vessels and it will send many tiny electric currents to the vessel, this process is called as EDDY current. Hence ceramic plate heats the vessel and vessel’s content (i.e., food). When we remove the vessels automatically heat generation will stop. A sensor is used to detect overheat and de-activation of the power supply and we can control the current waves. The technology used for cooking: Induction stove can be used by the following technologies: ELECTRIC CURRENT, Which is sent to the copper coil. MAGNETIC FIELD, Which transfers many smaller currents to the vessels. EDDY CURRENTS, Which produce heat to the vessels. SENSOR, Which displays the values of the EDDY Currents & we can adjust the heat waves. Cooking in induction stove – Is it safe? Induction stove produces low-frequency radiation while cooking. It causes nothing when we operate it a few inches of distance. Those radiations are much more similar to microwave radiation and such radiations will disappear faster. Make sure that you are keeping distances when you are cooking in both the electric units. For people who use cardiac implants such as a pacemaker (or), defibrillators should use it with more care. There might be some problems for such people as per reports published in “Europace”. If your induction stove is too old and when power fluctuations happen, don’t use metal spoons to stir food when the power is on, there might be chances of getting an electric shock. Hence, the overall process is so safe and there is no negative effect on food cooked through induction stoves.

How does an induction cooker heat food?

Induction cooker is a common cooker, which uses eddy currents generated by electromagnetic induction to heat food. Compared with the traditional electric furnace and gas stove, electromagnetic furnace has a lot of advantages, such as higher thermal efficiency, furnace surface clean, do not produce toxic material carbon monoxide, firepower stability and easy to control. Eddy current How exactly does the induction cooker work? The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, which is the induction of electric current in a conductor when the magnetic field changes, was first discovered by the English physicist Faraday. Later, the scientist Maxwell deduced that the reason for electromagnetic induction is that the changing magnetic field creates an electric field in the surrounding space, which is perpendicular to the magnetic field and connects end to end, called the vortex electric field.   Induction cooker uses this kind of principle to make namely. Inside the induction cooker, the 50Hz common ALTERNATING current is changed into DC through certain methods, and then into the high-frequency current of about 20KHz. High-frequency current into the induction cooker panel in the coil, will produce a high-frequency magnetic field.   The high-frequency magnetic field generated by the coil creates a high-frequency electric field around it, which meets the conductor, the bottom of the pot, and creates a vortex current.   Induction cooker generally want to use iron pot or stainless steel pot, this is because iron pot has two benefits: · First, an iron pan is electrically conductive. If you use a ceramic pot, which is not conductive, you can't create eddy currents. · Second, iron POTS are ferromagnetic. The so-called ferromagnetism is that in the case of an external magnetic field, the material will be magnetized, forming a magnetic field in the same direction as the external magnetic field, so as to strengthen the external magnetic field. When the magnetic field generated by the high-frequency current is strengthened, it can generate a stronger eddy electric field, and the current is large enough. If you use copper or aluminum, these two metals are not ferromagnetic and cannot strengthen the magnetic field, so the eddy field is not large enough. ·  Is induction cooker harmful to human body? Because induction furnace produces high frequency oscillatory magnetic field, can have electromagnetic wave generation. However, the frequency of the induction cooker is only about 20,000 Hz, compared with the microwave oven 2 billion Hz, the frequency is 100,000 times lower. And, electromagnetic furnace radiation range is very small, only limited in a very small range near the electromagnetic furnace, intensity is not enough to produce harm to ordinary people.

How Does Induction Cooktops Differ from Gas and Electric?

For starters, the dials are more precise than gas and electric styles. Many models come with well-marked half settings. Your regular stove probably has them too, but no one placed a mark to determine where they are. You won’t need to shift food around in your pan at all with the exception of turning to sear or brown. This is because you’ll no longer have hot and cold spots to contend with. You don’t have to wait for your pan to heat, so you can start cooking sooner. This alone cuts down on your time standing in front of your stove. Heat won’t gradually build either. What setting you choose is the amount of heat you’ll get until you tell your stovetop otherwise. Recipes might require you to adjust them for cook times. Just remember to use an analog thermometer (digital versions can interfere) to ensure your foods don’t under or overcook. Luckily, you can find many induction-cooking recipes that give precise cooking times. 2. Unmatched Safety Features Induction cooktops are a lot safer than gas or electric. There are many inbuilt features that make it easy to use and safe at the same time. Auto Shut Off With a traditional gas or electric stove, removing the pot or pan does nothing. But with Induction cooktops, when you remove the pan/pots, the stove shut off. This brings less cooking steps to speed along your meals; it takes the guesswork out of whether you shut off your stove. Did you accidentally turn on a burner without a pot? Your burner will not heat without a pot or pan in place. Because curious hands and accidental bumps can occur, this feature can help prevent injuries. Burners Quickly Cool Usually seconds later, you can touch the burner too without worrying about injury. This is a great feature for children, the elderly, or for the occasional times you’ve forgotten the stove is still hot. Since the stovetop itself doesn’t heat, it provides even fewer opportunities for accidental burns. Low Likelihood of Grease Fires Grease fires are common kitchen accidents. Why? In order to have a grease fire, you need grease and a flame. Grease is highly flammable. Roughly, 75% of kitchen fires have grease listed as its cause. Without an open flame or a cooking surface that holds heat, you greatly reduce the likelihood of a grease fire in your kitchen. 3. Doesn’t Heat Kitchens or Homes No cooktop will be heatproof. However, an induction range produces less heat than gas and electric models. This is mostly to do with only your pan receiving heat. The rest of the cooktop doesn’t absorb or maintain any cooking heat either. For summer kitchens, using one can further reduce your home’s energy costs. Your air conditioner won’t have to counteract the extra heat and work harder to cool down your home. 4. Flexible Placement Induction stoves can go in places most gas and electric ranges can’t due to building codes or laws. You’re not limited to pre-existing vents and exhausts or stuck with costs of moving it. The versatility gives you the option of truly customized kitchen experience. If you wish to later move your stove, you can without extra costs, labor or worry over codes. You can easily use them in non-traditional settings too. You only need a power source capable of running it, which can be more convenient and safer than propane for RVs and motor homes. Portable induction cooktops exist too. Vacation homes, dorm rooms, and offices can all benefit from having induction cooking available. 5. Cleanup is a Breeze The flat top design of induction stoves leaves few places for food or spills to hide. Food also can’t cook onto the surface since it doesn’t retain heat. You won’t need special tools or cleaners to maintain your stove either. Because there’s no baked-on mess, you might use less product. Tidying can begin when you stop cooking too, so you can easily clean as you go. Shorter cooking times, more control, and easy cleanup can make mealtimes a snap. Gas or electric ranges can’t match the safety features of induction technology. With so many advantages, why not invest in an induction cooktop for your new kitchen or remodel?

How to use Tiansta induction cooker most efficient?

Before used, should read product manual carefully, understand the function of the product, use method, maintenance requirements and we provide after-sales service. Generally in use, maintenance should pay attention to the following points: Install special power cables and power sockets.  Induction cooker must configure power cord and socket according to power, should choose the copper core line that can bear 15A current normally, the socket that form a complete set uses, plug, switch also should achieve this one requirement. The induction cooker should be placed smoothly.  If a foot of the induction cooker is suspended, the gravity of the pot will force the oven to tilt and the food in the pot will overflow. If the furnace surface is not placed smoothly, the micro-shock generated by the pot is also easy to slide out and dangerous. Ensure that the air inlet and outlet are unobstructed. The induction cooker in the job is provided along with boiler rise in temperature and rise in temperature, because this induction cooker should be placed in air flow place, use outlet should leave wall and other article 250px above, assure furnace body is in enter, vent without any object block. Choose the right pot and utensils.  Induction cooker shell and black crystal bearing weight is limited, general civilian induction cooker even pot with food should not exceed 5 kg, and pot with bottom should not be too small, prevent induction cooker furnace face to bear pressure unlikely too concentrated. Pay attention to waterproof and moistureproof cockroach. Common induction furnace does not have waterproof function, be affected with damp or enter water, even the excrement of cockroach causes short circuit fault likely, because this is used, when putting, should be far away from moisture and steam, strictly prohibit to wash with water. Clean stoves properly. Induction cooker can not use solvent, gasoline to clean the furnace surface or furnace body. Usable soft cloth touches a bit neuter scour to wipe try. More considerations Do not place knives, forks, bottle caps and other ferromagnetic objects on the furnace panel,do not watch, recording tapes and other items susceptible to the magnetic field on the furnace, or with the operation of the induction furnace. Do not let the pot empty burning, dry burning, so as to avoid electromagnetic cooker panel because of high heat and split. The amount in the pot shall not exceed seven minutes to avoid short circuit fault caused by soup overflow after heating. POTS and pans must be placed in the middle of the induction cooker to avoid uneven heating, and do not frequently pick up the container POTS and pans and put them down again at high temperature or high power. Prohibited to dry burning empty pot, furnace panel is broken, should stop using, by professional maintenance personnel to replace the new panel immediately. Best not to place TV, VIDEO recorder in the range of 2-3M commercial induction cooker, cassette recorder and other household appliances afraid of magnetic, so as not to be affected adverse effects.

Popular science | how to choose induction cooker?

Focus on these 6 points! What can the induction cooker do? Steam, fry, stew, boil, rinse and so on, that can be too much, can say induction cooker is belong to very practical muti-function small home appliance. In daily life, induction cooker occupies a space neither how, use still very convenient, use frequency so also is taller. What factor should buy induction cooker to consider? Power Fire gear Coil Panel Heat dissipation Manipulation of the way Power A good induction cooker, the most important or should see the heat when using. The higher the power, the faster the heating, but also the higher the power consumption. It would be better to use 2200W large firepower for induction cooker power in general families. You can select a value based on actual requirements. Power level Induction cooker on market basically takes much firepower control, have the induction cooker that takes temperature probe and chip, temperature control can be more accurate. It is recommended to choose 8 levels or more, convenient to adjust the firepower size. Coil The larger the wire tray, the larger the heating area, heat more evenly, not easy to paste pot. Buy as far as possible to choose line disk 18cm or above the product. Also, double-coil ones are more durable and heat more reliably than single-coil ones。 Panel The stand or fall of face plate material qualitative also decided induction furnace quality discretion and service life length. The face plate material of market mainstream is qualitative cent is two kinds: black crystal face plate and white ceramic face plate. Black crystal panel: good black crystal panel has high density, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, strong heat conduction, not easy to yellow, not easy to crack, smooth surface texture, easy to clean and so on. Face plate of white pottery and porcelain: face plate of good pottery and porcelain has structure close, bear or endure high temperature, the characteristic with high thermal efficiency. However, faded and yellow burn marks will appear after a period of use. Heat dissipation Induction cooker when cooking, can produce a lot of heat, good radiator can reduce the noise of normal operation. Heat dissipation mainly includes fans and heat dissipation channels. Induction cooker heat dissipation channel: there are double channel wind road, there are cold and hot wind isolation, there are hidden turbine heat dissipation and so on. Fan: the main role is to reduce the temperature inside the induction cooker, increase the service life of components. In addition, choose a large coil diameter, faster heat dissipation, less noise. Manipulation of the way The general control mode has the button type, the touch type, the knob type, the slide control touch type. Knob type: one key knob, very simple and convenient; Push-button: switch functions by pressing keys; Touch type: one button touch to switch functions, beautiful and convenient; Sliding touch type: can slide at any time to adjust the firepower and time. Besides above these, choose induction cooker also need to pay attention to waterproof performance, prevent low temperature to prevent the safety performance such as dry burning.

Why Induction cooktop?

Energy Efficiency: Induction is ~80% efficient; it’s not 100% because some magnetic waves don’t connect with the cookware, and you still have to run the fan and electronics separately from the induction coil. But 80% is as efficient as electric coil/radiant, and much more efficient than the ~41% of natural gas. Easy clean-up: The ceramic surface above induction coils stays cool. It doesn’t get so hot as to get carbonized crud burned onto it like you see with gas and electric coil burners. With induction, you can even drape paper towels on top of the ceramic to catch any food spills or grease splatters and further shorten the amount of time you spend cleaning the cooktop and pan bottoms. The paper towel also prevents scuffing so that pan bottoms look practically new even after thousands of meals on induction stoves.   Safety: A hot electric coil or gas flame would burn kids much worse than the relatively cool ceramic over induction burners; nor are there combustion byproducts so there is less need for venting when cooking with induction.   Less waste heat: With induction, more heat goes into the pan as opposed to heating your kitchen air–which is especially welcome during hot summers.     Factors to consider before buying an  Induction Cooktops   Wattage/Power Rate: The most important thing that you should consider is the power rate. The higher the power rate, the faster the cooking. For home cooking, 1500 to 2000 watt induction cookers are ideal. HIGHWAY has 2000 watt induction cooktops that help you to cook fast, transferring heat to the pan faster than any other method of cooking.    Cooktop Size And Cooking Zones An induction cooktop can have 1,2,3,4 or 5 induction zones. And those are have different size. Checking your request and kitchen size. Ensure the induction cooker is the right one.    Timer:   HIGHWAY induction cooktops come with menus that regulate the heat and set a timer. With one touch of a button, you can make it. You can also regulate temperature and time by manually selecting the options. The manual selection makes your everyday cooking a lot easier and faster. You don’t have to stand near the induction cooker like you have to do with a gas stove. Once the timer is up, cooking will automatically stop. This will reduce power wastage and prevent accidental.  Easy to clean:   HIGHWAY induction cookers are easy to clean as the body are use full stainless steel like gas stoves. Spray a kitchen cleaner on the top surface and wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. As the top surface doesn’t get hot like a gas stove, the spillage doesn’t become too stubborn to clean. Safety features: Whenever you are buying a new appliance, safety should always be your first concern. HIGHWAY induction cooktops are safe as they are designed with auto-pan detection feature. With this feature, the heating stops the very moment you remove the cookware. As there is no flame, there is no risk of fire.  HIGHWAY induction have more than 29 professional safety protections, make your kitchen safer.

What are the different types of hobs?

There are three popular types of hobs – gas, induction and ceramic. Electrolux gas hobs have a number of hob options, from two to four burners, including a burner specially designed for woks. Most Electrolux hobs can also be used with both cast iron pans or enamel pans. Gas hobs: Gas hobs use actual fire for cooking, and usually come with burners of different sizes for various pots and pans. When cooking, you will be able to easily gauge the heat level as you are able to see the flames. However, as gas hobs use open fire, your kitchen will feel warmer. You also need to ensure that the minimum clearances around your gas hob are followed to avoid damaging your cabinets and finishes. Induction hobs: Induction hobs generate electricity using magnetism to create heat inside a pan. There are no exposed flames and there will be no heat on the hob as heat is generated only when there is a pan on the induction zone. Induction hobs will heat your cookware directly, so your food cooks faster and you consume less energy. Ceramic hobs: Ceramic hobs are similar to induction hobs. The only difference is that the surface of the ceramic hob will be hot when it is switched on. As both induction and ceramic hobs run on electricity, you won't be able to cook when there is a power outage.

10 things you need to know about induction cooking

Popular in Europe for years, induction cooking is now taking Asia by storm. A technology based on unbeatable precision, power and safety, it is the only type of cooking that can tempt you away from gas.     What is induction cooking? Unlike gas or ceramic radiant hobs, induction cooking heats the cookware directly rather than heating the hob first. A wonderful consequence of this is that your home remains cool, with no heat emanating from your stove; something to appreciate in warm tropical weather conditions!   How does induction cooking work? Induction cooking takes advantage of an electromagnetic field generated by passing an alternating electric current through a copper coil wire placed in an induction stove. The produced magnetic field vacillates and induces an eddy electrical current moving in the cookware. That electrical current flow combines with the electrical resistance of the iron in the cookware, resulting in resistive heating for food cooking. As a result, pots and pans heat themselves with the induction of the electromagnetic field. Thus, your cooktops stay cool to the touch, while your food cooks faster with more precision.   Why choose induction cooking? Induction cooking makes pots and pans heated directly, so the energy used for cooking can be utilized at its best, turning induction stoves into one of the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Rather than depending on indirect conduction, induction cooking provides high power and a rapid temperature change in almost an instant. With the unique direct heating operation, induction also creates a safer cooking environment and facilitates kitchen cleanliness, since you can touch and swipe the surface of induction cooktops right after cooking.   Is induction suitable for wok cooking? Yes. We conducted an experiment to debunk the belief that wok cooking is better on gas because a visible flame seems more powerful. Watch the video to see more.   Induction, radiant or gas cooking? Induction cooking has outstanding advantages regarding energy efficiency, power, temperature control, safety, and cleaning effort compared to gas or electric cooking.    Is Induction as powerful or fast as gas? Induction is faster than other cooking technologies, boiling 1 litre of water in 3 minutes. The induction hob has precise temperature controls for instant transitions from high to low heat.   Is induction glass top easy to crack or scratch? Induction glass is made of “ceramic glass” that’s very strong and can withstand high temperatures as well as sudden temperature changes. Scratching, however, can occur if one is careless. Can I use any pot or pan on induction? No. To use induction, your pots have to be magnetic. A simple magnet-test will determine which cookware can be used on induction.   Important things you should know before installation You should check if you have a sufficient power supply and if the house installation is suitable to run the hob properly. The power requirement is 3.2 KW.   What if my induction product breaks down? In case of a breakdown, call the Electrolux Service Centre, describe the problem and arrange for a technician visit. We provide a 24-month warranty for all Electrolux induction cooktops. Summary Induction technology is still on top of the cooking game because of its excellent performance in intensity, speed, energy savings, safety, and cleanliness. By going through the 10 frequently asked questions and answers above, you now probably know that induction cooking is an ideal solution for your kitchen. If you are thinking about choosing an induction stove for your cooking.

When Did Induction Cooktops Come Out?

The first induction cooktop was made in America in the 1970s. It was developed by the R&D department of Westinghouse Electric Corporation.  In 1971, Westinghouse Electric Corporation introduced the induction cooktop to the market under the name of “Cool Top Induction Range.” The first model had one heating element and its successor, the Cool Top 2, had four, each of which operated with 1,600 Watts of power. It wasn’t until the 2000s when induction cooktops became widely available and generally affordable at the price that they are today. Before, most induction cooktops were actually made for commercial use in restaurant and hotel kitchens. Since, induction cooking caught on in Europe and Japan, and some of the best induction cooktops in the world today are made by Bosch, Siemens, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi. In South Korea, the consumer appliance division at Samsung also produces induction cooktops. General Electric of the biggest makers of induction cooktops in the U.S. today. Even though induction cooking has been touted as “the next big thing” in cooking for five decades, it hasn’t really caught on in the U.S. A report by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers in the U.S. says that just 1% of American stoves have induction stovetops. The adoption of induction cooking technology is higher among homeowners with built-in cooktops, where induction hobs have 15% share of the market. If induction cooktops are so much better, why haven’t they caught on? Freelance writer Tyler Lynch gives a list of compelling reasons in a post for the New York Times’ Wirecutter blog: Induction cooktops won’t work with all cookware They are more expensive than gas or electric They haven’t been marketed that well American consumers aren’t the fastest at adopting new cooking tech Finally, it could be a matter of timing. Most of the consumer-focused induction cooktops came out in the late 2000s, Lynch points out, “right before the housing market collapsed and the economy fell into recession.” If you want a fast, safe, and efficient cooktop, induction cooktops are worth it, even if they come at a higher price tag. Induction cooking isn’t for every home cook, nor does it work with every piece of cookware. But when it’s the right fit, it’s really the right fit. The control, convenience, and user experience you get when cooking on an induction hob is better than any electric or gas cooktop could give you, no matter how many bells and whistles the manufacturer claims to have embedded it in.
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